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Guitar Lessons Ilkeston - Tuition in Heanor, Sandiacre Stapleford, Long Eaton, Derby & Nottingham

Guitar Lessons are in either 1 hour or half hour slots.
For students progressing through the grades, part of your lessons will occasionally cover music theory.
Paul strongly encourages and hellps all his students to learn their favourite songs too. It is certainly not all about grades, you can learn far more by delving into the styles of your favourite players. For all of us, learning some theory can help shed some light onto what is going on, it can be quite enlightening figuring stuff out and actually understanding it.

Areas covered in Music Theory:

Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, Scales & Application, Substitutions, Grades Understanding the fingerboard (seeing the bigger picture) etc


Right hand development, Scales & Application. Practice Development techniques, Sight Reading, Licks and Application etc